3 moving stories from the bike market [Amplify Friday]

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Cycling is a popular pastime around the world, both as a leisure activity and as a competitive sport. Also, many people cycle to get to work or for their jobs as bike messengers. Because bicycles serve many purposes, manufacturers are continually looking for ways to improve and meet demand.

Here are three stories of people exploring how cycling can bring us together.

Connecticut man starts movement to repair and donate bikes to community

A Connecticut man is having a positive impact on his community by bringing old bikes back to life and then giving them away freely.

Scott Starkweather started the Recycled Rides project in August 2021 after seeing a pair of the still-appealing bikes thrown into a junk truck. He posted a message on Facebook that if someone threw a bike, he should let them know, and he would fix the bike and then return it to the community. In three weeks, he received 100 bicycles.

Today, nearly 1,500 bikes have been donated. People are also donating bike parts and money through Amazon to help Starkweather fix bikes. High school students have even offered to help with the restoration process. What started as one man’s instinct to do good has become a community effort.

A man crosses the United States and finds humanity

A Californian went on a seven-month bike ride across America in “hope to better understand the human connection”.

Filmmaker, Daniel Troia bought a drone camera to record his experience holding a sign saying he ran out of money as he cycled across the country. It became the documentary We are all in there.

Troia found that he often received the most help in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and from those who had themselves been homeless or were experiencing their own emotional difficulties. After the encounters, he would explain that he was making a documentary, but his experiences were genuine: there were times when he resorted to dumper diving for food, finding out how much good food the grocery stores were throwing away. Interested in alternative forms of travel, biking through the land of Troia is a transformative journey into the heartland of America.

100 Suppliers Help Give Colorado Kids Access to Bikes

Between COVID-19 and the proliferation of video games, many children today are not leading active lives. The bicycle is a fun way to encourage children to get outside. As a result, over 100 vendors came together to sell used and new bikes in a swap to benefit Kids on Bikes and the Pedal Station Community Bike Center. The Pedal Station also offers mechanics lessons.

Amplify the cycling industry

Fascinating facts about bicycles

  • More than 100 million bicycles are manufactured every year.
  • Around 1 billion bicycles are currently in use worldwide.
  • 238 million gallons of gasoline are saved each year thanks to bicycles.
  • The resources and energy needed to manufacture one car could produce up to 100 bicycles.
  • A single parking space for one car can hold up to 20 bicycles.
  • A year of bike maintenance is 20 times cheaper than a year of car maintenance.
  • John Boyd Dunlop invented the pneumatic tire in 1887.

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